Japanese Therapy Suction Cup

Japanese Therapy Suction Cup

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    Cupping has been used in traditional medical practices in China for hundreds of years.

    Our new suction cup is made of durable Corning glass (which molds comfortably to the skin) while the bulb is made out of long lasting rubber.

    The glass cup is 1 and 3/8" in diameter. The rubber bulb creates a quick suction and prevents any fumbling with fire and tweezers. All the components of the suction cup can be easily cleaned. The Rubber bulbs are also replaceable.

    Demonstration of Use: 

    What are suction cups used for?


    Suction cups are used to disperse stagnant qi, blood and fluids. They help bring external pathogens to the surface of your skin which aid in getting rid of tight muscles, pain, asthma and colds.

    Don’t settle for inferior plastic imitations. Plastic cups can turn yellow and brittle over time with use. 


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    • Cupping is contraindicated on the low back, sacrum and abdomen of pregnant women.
    • Do not use suction cups on skin which is thin, irritated or broken out.
    • Please let your patients know that cupping can leave a temporary bruise-like mark on the skin (which may last between a few hours to 2-3 days.) The marks will be more prominent on a person with a lot of local stagnation.
    • Cupping may be uncomfortable for people with a lot of body hair.
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