Houji Cha Tea from Japan (20 bags/box)

Houji Cha Tea from Japan (20 bags/box)

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    Houji Cha Tea from Japan (20 bags/box)

    Size: 1 tea bag (2g- 1.41oz) / 20 bags per box

    Product Description

    Premium Houji Cha from Japan is made from bancha green tea leaves, harvested in the fall, then roasted creating a light bodied tea that is "self-drinking," meaning it has a good quality and flavor balance with no need for blending with other ingredients.

    Houji Cha green tea leaves are gently roasted, reducing the caffeine content and making it mild on the stomach.

    Less astringent than regular green tea, Houji Cha is a great solution for those who are caffeine sensitive, yet wish to benefit from the abundance of antioxidants.

    Key Points:

    • All natural
    • Gentle on the stomach

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