Genmai Cha Tea from Japan (20 bags/box)

Genmai Cha Tea from Japan (20 bags/box)

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    Size: 1 teabag (2g- 1.41oz) / 20 bags per box

    Product Description

    Genmai Cha is made from bancha tea leaves harvested in the fall, then combined with roasted brown rice, creating a brisk, medium-bodied tea with a toasty flavor and nutty accent.

    Genmai Cha contains the many health benefits of drinking green tea and is a favorite amongst those who practice a macrobiotic diet.

    Key Points:

    • All natural
    • Roasted brown rice added
    • Wonderful toasty flavor and aroma

    Our high quality Genmai Cha from Kagoshima, Japan is all natural. We use no additives, colorings, or preservatives and there are no staples used on the tea bags.

    The brown rice is unpolished whole grain rice. Because the hull or husk isn't removed, the nutrients of the rice are not stripped from it.The bran layer of brown rice contains very important nutrients.

    Try a delicious, nutritious cup of Genmai Cha today.