Green Tea Bulk from Japan (100g)

Green Tea Bulk from Japan (100g)

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    Green Tea Bulk from Japan (100g)

    Size: 100g Bulk (loose) in re-sealable foil pouch

    Product Description

    Premium Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) loose tea leaves are made of spring-to-early-summer selected young leaves.  The use of early spring leaves and the gentle processing give this tea an outstanding taste without a trace of bitterness.  After the harvest, the young leaves are steamed briefly then dried.

    Key Points:
    • All natural
    • Refreshing taste
    • Won't grow bitter

    Kenshin Premium Green Tea Bulk is naturally grown in Mie, Japan, one of the best known areas to grow the highest grade tea, by a grower who has been producing tea products for over 50 years.

    We use no additives, no coloring, or no preservatives.

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