Premium Green Tea from Japan (20 bags/box)

Premium Green Tea from Japan (20 bags/box)

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    Premium Green Tea from Japan (20 bags/box)

    Size: 1 teabag (2g- 1.41oz) / 20 bags per box

    Product Description

    Premium Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) teabags are made of spring-to-early-summer selected young leaves.  The use of early spring leaves and the gentle processing give this tea an outstanding taste without a trace of bitterness.  After the harvest, the young leaves are steamed briefly then dried.

    Key Points:

    • All natural
    • Refreshing taste
    • Won't grow bitter
    • One teabag makes 3 cups of tea

    Kenshin Premium Green Tea is naturally grown in Kagoshima, Japan, one of the best known areas to grow the highest grade tea, by a grower who has been producing tea products for over 50 years.

    We use no additives, no coloring, or no preservatives. Also, metal staples are not used on our tea bags. Moisture-resistant envelopes are used to preserve the freshness of the tea.

    Enjoy our Premium Green Tea Today.

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