Shijimi - Corbicula (Freshwater Clam) Extract Tablets

Shijimi - Corbicula (Freshwater Clam) Extract Tablets

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    Size:150 capsules, 250 mg each

    Harvested in Lake Shinji of Shimane, Japan. Shijimi has been taken by the Japanese for many centuries for liver support and good health in a soup or supplement form. New easy-to-take tablet form.

    Five tablets of Shijimi equals approximately five clams and the L-ornithine content per five tablets equals about 300 clams.

    Special notes about the product: Shijimi Extract is produced in Japan by the pioneer company that has been making this high-quality product for over 120 years. This product is very unique and is not mass produced. First, the clams are boiled for one hour and the meat and shells are removed. Next, the extract is filtered and placed in an iron pot where it is slowly boiled for over 20 hours. No artificial ingredients are added.