Lumbar Extender®

Lumbar Extender®

    Price: $89.95

    Code: 14000

    Weight: 5.00 pounds

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    A simple way to:

    • Stretch Your Back
    • Encourage Proper Posture
    • Enhance Flexibility

    Lumbar Extender is endorsed by:

    • Golf Professionals
    • Physicians
    • Chiropractors
    • Physical Trainers
    • Yoga Instructors
    • Professional Athletes

    Product Description

    Lumbar Extender was scientifically developed with close chiropractic advisement, based on thousands of years of yoga, chiropractic research and teachings of physical therapists.

    After many hours of forward leaning, poor posture and sitting at desks, opening the spine through lumbar extension may help to reverse the possible effects. Simply lie on this adjustable arch for 5 minutes twice a day.

    Lumbar Extender is lightweight, portable and can adjust to your stretching ability!

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