Seirin Acupuncture Needles

*Federal law restricts the sale of Acupuncture Needles to or on the order of qualified practitioners of acupuncture as determined by the states. 

Seirin J-Type

Each needle has a color-coded plastic handle and comes individually packaged with its own polypropylene guide tube.

J15 Acupuncture Needles

Seirin J-15-Type

15 mm needle with rounded guide tubes for accurate, gentle, painless and stress-free acupuncture.

Seirin D-Type

Available only in a length of 15 mm with a color-coded plastic handle and does not have guide tubes.

Seirin L-Type

Features a flexible metal spring type handle with guide tubes.

Pyonex Singles

Seirin Pyonex Singles

With patented plastic case and sheath allow the practitioner to insert the needle without touching the needle tip or the surface of the Micro pore adhesive tape

Spinex Intradermal Needles

Spinex Intradermal

Needles feature a 1.5 mm diameter ring handle.